OneDrive finally gets differential sync support for all users

A fact that Microsoft has learned over the years (and is still pursuing in a great way) is to listen to the user’s voices when it comes to feedback on Microsoft-products. With OneDrive turning into one of the surely best public-cloud sync solutions out there, Redmond surely has the pick of the bunch. But nothing is perfect and neither is OneDrive, so one of the most-requested features was a differential sync of files in Microsoft’s cloud service. This is about to change now.

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The first user voice spoke in August 2014 and just some days ago — on April 20th, nearly six years after — Microsoft announced that it has completed the rollout for differential sync for both business and personal users. A long time though but finally, one of the most-missing features in OneDrive faces the light of the day!

Let me explain how this feature works: With differential sync, OneDrive will only upload parts of the file that changed. Instead of uploading the entire file every time you make any change to it, OneDrive is only going to upload the changed data within the file, saving bandwidth and time. Once you modify or upload any file residing on a service like OneDrive it would usually upload the entire whole to sync the new changes to the Cloud. While this isn’t rather a big problem for small files, it can be quite time- and bandwidth-consuming once you make the tiniest changes to a large file which — naturally — leads to the upload process of the entire file at last.

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Especially as the changes in the article mentioned above are quite versatile (and the feature nearly seems to perish between all the other innovations), the impact on the users should be of a certain gravity anyway! According to the Microsoft 365-Roadmap, the feature’s status is entitled to be of “General Availability” so the staggered rollout should also reach your OneDrive-environment soon — if it hasn’t done so already!

Anyone who is interested in seeing the progress of OneDrive being documented via the release notes may find these pieces of information here!

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