Nextcloud releases Forms to protect privacy-sensitive survey data

While the privacy shield is risen or lowered depending on your preferred cloud-deployment, Nextcloud throws yet another hat in the ring — this time targeting the usual online Forms-solutions.

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A questionnaire with Nextcloud Forms — Photo Credits: Nextcloud

Who doesn’t know the usual forms we may fill with data quite often — wether they are based on Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, Survey Monkey or similar solutions: They all have one thing in common — the data you enter is being saved on servers beyond your control. While Nextcloud continues to strive for a de-„googled“ world, Nextcloud Hub and its apps are now an alternative for web forms, too.

Surveys are very useful in a wide range of scenarios, often containing private data. A tool for creating a variety of forms that protects the privacy of those surveyed and surveying, while being easy to install and use, is exactly what the market needs.

(Frank Karlitschek, CEO of Nextcloud)

The Forms-app offers the ability to choose from the well-known range of question types such as checkboxes, multiple choice-options, dropdowns, short answer and long, individual texts. Forms themselves can be shared to anyone via the well-known link or even directly sent to specific users on the Nextcloud-server or even to the whole Nextcloud instance.

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How Nextcloud Forms looks like — Photo Credits: Nextcloud

For improved security it is possible to set an expiration date so the sharing options are quite similar to the scenario so far. There is no limitation on the amount of forms or questions users can create nor the links they can share or people who can reply. The app is responsive and is told to look good on any device or screen, directly fitting into your Nextcloud-environment while keeping the cloak of privacy over all data entered.

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Some statistics with Nextcloud Forms — Photo Credits: Nextcloud

Responses are visualized either as summary statistics with charts which make it easy to analyze the results or as the individual responses if users need to dig deeper or have a small number of respondents. The export format is compatible with the format used by Google Forms to work with any tool or workflow designed for integration with that. The app can easily be installed via Nextcloud’s one click-installation within its app store that can easily be reached from the admin-backend of every instance.

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