I went with the MacBook Air with 512 GB and 16 GB RAM just because of the fanless-aspect. Came from an 2017 MBP and my gosh, this machine is a beast - I am just a lil' bit mad because of the lacking feature of supporting two external displays and the - still crappy - webcam.

When having a home office setup for your Windows-based office machine (HP Elite X2) and finally managed to unify everything with two smaller 24" QHD-displays, everything docked with USB-C / Thunderbolt, this missing feature is just a step back from the 2017 MBP, even from a seven-years-old Windows-machine which could already make use of two external displays. Just asking myself it this is wanted "failure by design" (innaturally crippled) or something that might once be fixed by an update as the M1 Mac mini solves this task by his additional HDMI-output.

Putting this aspects away, the M1 is the "next big thing" we finally waited for! Thanks for your thoughts on that one!

Dad. IT-Guy. Cloud-Addict. Apple at Home, Windows at Work, Linux in between. Convinced -Fanboy. Metal-, USA- and UK-Lover. Traveler. Photographer. Maverick.

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